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Shiruzzi Shoes Terms and Conditions




  1. Welcome to the website of Shiruzzi Shoes (hereinafter:  "Shiruzzi Shoes"). This is a website which runs a virtual store for the public of Internet users (hereinafter: the "Website").
  2. In these Terms and Conditions, the meaning of the word "transaction" is any transaction involving the purchase of products and/or services offered on the Website.
  3. The purchase through the Website is subject to the terms and conditions set out herein. By executing a transaction on the Website, you declare that you have read and understood the Website Terms and Conditions and that you or anyone acting on your behalf shall not have any contention and/or claim against the Website owner and/or its operators and/or anyone acting on their behalf, apart from contentions pertaining to a breach of a commitment of the Website owner and/or its operators under these Terms and Conditions and these rules of participation.
  4. Should you wish to join the Website Customers' Club or other services offered on the Website, you must also agree to the special conditions of that service.
  5. What is stated in these Terms and Conditions refers to both genders, and use of the masculine or feminine is for the sake of convenience only. 
  6. Any user in possession of a Paypal account or a credit card of one of the credit card companies listed below, which is valid on the day of execution of the transaction, may execute a transaction on this Website.
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  1. The Website management reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion.
  2. The products will be supplied and the services will be provided under these Terms and Conditions.


Placing Orders


  1. Shiruzzi Shoes offers to sell a wide range of products (hereinafter:  the "Products"). Next to the Products intended for sale, it is expressly indicated that the Products may be purchased by checking the shopping cart. If this is not indicated next to the Product and/or Service, you may not purchase it and we are not obligated to supply them to you.
  2. To enable us to fulfill your offer to buy a Product (hereinafter:  "your offer"), it is important that Shiruzzi Shoes have the Products you have ordered in stock.  Although we do our utmost to ensure that the Products shown on the Website will be in stock, sometimes Products shown on the Website are out of stock.  If the Products are not in stock, a relevant notice will be sent to your e-mail address or you will be informed by phone. In such case, Shiruzzi Shoes reserves the right to submit to you an offer by e-mail or phone to buy an alternative product of a similar nature and price. If you accept our offer, the details of your offer will be updated. Should you decide to reject our offer, your order will be deleted and your credit card will not be charged.
  3. Shiruzzi Shoes shall not be liable and shall not bear, in any case, any direct, indirect, consequential or special liability for damage incurred by the user or a third party, including but not only, damage for the purchase of the Product and/or Service from a third party at a higher price.



How to Place an Order


  1. After you have placed the order, you will receive an initial notice that your order details have been processed. Note: This confirmation does not obligate Shiruzzi Shoes to supply the Products you have ordered, and it only indicates that the details of the order have been entered in the system.
  2. Only after Shiruzzi Shoes verifies your credit card details and receives confirmation from the credit card company to execute the purchase will your offer be deemed executable and all the delivery processes of the Products you have ordered will begin, provided that Shiruzzi Shoes has them in stock.
  3. In order for us to be able to supply the Products you have ordered, your order must be properly and formally received and entered by us, while it includes all the necessary details for shipping the Products and billing you. Various reasons may cause failures and disruptions in entering and processing your order by Shiruzzi Shoes.
  4. Should a disruption and/or error occur in the description of the Product and/or Service, in their photograph, description, price or any other details, Shiruzzi Shoes may cancel your purchase, and you will not be charge for the canceled order.
  5. Should you submit incorrect ID details when placing the order, we cannot guarantee that the Products will reach you. If the Products are returned to us because of erroneous or false details submitted by you, you will be charged for delivery time + handling fees of 5% of the transaction amount. Please be sure to fill out accurate and up-to-date details. Submission of false personal details is absolutely forbidden and is a criminal offense under the Penal Code, 5737-1977 and/or by any statute.


Means of Payment


  1. You may pay through your valid Pay Pal account or valid credit card account clearable through one of the credit card companies with which we work. The credit card number and details must be entered in the designated place. Other means of payment will not be accepted on the Website.
  2. The Products will be shipped only after receipt of confirmation from Pay Payl or from the clearing company on the soundness of the transaction.


Delivery Dates


  1. We commit to delivery dates of up to 30 days (hereinafter:  "delivery dates"). Delivery dates will be calculated according to business days, i.e. Sundays through Thursdays, excluding Fridays, the eve of holidays, Sabbaths, and religious and national holidays. Having said that, Shiruzzi Shoes does its utmost to deliver as quickly as possible.
  2. In the event that factors and/or events, which are not under the control of the Website owner and/or operator, delay and/or prevent the sale of the Products and/or Services, for whatever reason, fully or partially or in any way whatsoever, and/or delay and/or prevent the fulfillment of the supply of the Products and/or the provision of the Services published on the Website at the scheduled times, and/or in the event that computer and/or telephone system failures and/or any failure of another communication provider disrupts the completion of a certain purchase process, in its various forms, and/or if hostilities/war and/or any other force majeure event prevent and/or disrupt the purchase process of the Products and/or the Services in any way whatsoever, including by way of a tender and/or a public tender and/or ordinary sale or the supply of the Products and/or the Services, and/or should there be changes in the tax rates and/or surcharges applicable to the Products and/or the Services between the date of publication of the Product and/or the Service for purchase and the scheduled delivery date according to the purchase terms of the Product and/or the Service, the Shiruzzi Shoes Website may notify of a purchase cancellation, in whole or in part, and cancel the charge of the party executing the transaction.
  3. The various Products will be delivered by the Israel Postal Service or by courier at the sole discretion of Shiruzzi Shoes. Products to be delivered by the Israel Postal Service will be sent according to the delivery times prevailing at the Israel Postal Service and subject to the quality and customary terms of service at the Israel Postal Service. It should be emphasized that the delivery times of Products not delivered by courier cannot be controlled by Shiruzzi Shoes and are not under its control, and you declare that you shall not have any contention against the Company due to disruptions of deliveries not by courier.
  4. Products will be delivered by courier in accordance with the delivery terms of the courier company on behalf of Shiruzzi Shoes and subject to Shiruzzi Shoes' list of towns where there is door-to-door delivery. If the courier company on behalf of Shiruzzi Shoes cannot deliver door-to-door for any reason, including due to geographic distance, weather conditions and/or a security situation which could imperil the lives of the messengers, the matter shall be explained to the customer and an alternative solution acceptable to both parties will be found. It is hereby clarified that in the case of a shipment cancellation due to the aforesaid conditions and circumstances, Shiruzzi Shoes shall be the sole arbiter. 


Prices and Payments


  1. You will be charged through the credit card whose details you submitted at the price appearing next to the Products you have ordered plus shipment costs and handling fees, everything as set out next to each Product and/or on the Product page.
  2. Shiruzzi Shoes may change the prices of the Products and the handling and shipment fees from time to time. The price in effect for the order you placed is the price to be published on the Website when you complete the order process.
  3. All the prices appearing on the Website include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  4. The Products may be picked up at the store without any additional handling fees.


Cancellation of Transaction


  1. A purchase of Products may be canceled within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt, while the Products are packed in their original packaging and have not been used. Monetary credit will be given for these products less shipment fees and five percent of the value of the Product or NIS 100, whichever is lower, as prescribed in the Consumer Protection Law. The aforesaid return policy only applies if the Product was inspected by a Shiruzzi Shoes team at the Shiruzzi Shoes workshop.
  2. No credit will be given if the product was inspected by someone on behalf of Shiruzzi Shoes and was found to have been used in any way and was not returned new in its original new packaging, including all the elements of the Product and its packaging.  Additionally, Shiruzzi Shoes will charge the customer returning the goods for any expenditure or other obligation which Shiruzzi Shoes has incurred or undertaken for entering into the transaction or its cancellation, including credit card commissions.
  3. If the Products you received were not in proper condition upon receipt, you will not be charged shipment fees, packaging, return fees or handling fees. 



  1. Shiruzzi Shoes and/or anyone on its behalf are not responsible for any representation or photograph presented on the Website. The photographs are for the sake of illustration only. There may sometimes be differences in shades between the Products appearing on the Website and the exact shades of the Products as actually supplied. The Products on the Website are presented in good faith, and their presentation shall not be construed as a recommendation and/or opinion on the part of Shiruzzi Shoes.
  2. If you have purchased defective Products, you are entitled to replace them or return them and get your money back, provided that the Product has been inspected by the Shiruzzi Shoes team at the Shiruzzi Shoes workshop and has indeed found to be defective at Shiruzzi's sole discretion.  
  3. In no circumstance will Shiruzzi Shoes and/or anyone on its behalf be liable for any direct or indirect damages, punitive damages, consequential or special damages and/or any other damage of any type or kind whatsoever, including, and without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, damages for loss of use, loss of data or loss of earnings, arising from or connected in any way with the use or performances of the Website, for delay of use or inability to use the Website, for the delivery or non-delivery of Products or services, or any information, software, product, service and ancillary graphics obtained through the Website and/or stemming in any other way from the use of the Website, whether based on an agreement or in tort, whether under absolute warranty and/or any other cause, even if Shiruzzi Shoes and/or anyone on its behalf learned of the possibility of said damages. 

        Shiruzzi Shoes and/or anyone on its behalf shall not bear any liability for any unauthorized use, abuse, unlawful use and/or fraudulent use by a third party of the credit card used for executing a transaction on the Website.

  1. The Service on the Website is usable as is, and you shall not have any contention, claim and/or demand against Shiruzzi Shoes or anyone on its behalf for the features of the Service, its capabilities, restrictions or its suitability for your needs and requirements.


Additional Terms


  1. The personal details which you have submitted and shall submit when placing the order (except for credit card details) as well as the details of purchases you will make in the future will be kept in Shiruzzi Shoes' database, which shall not transfer your personal details to any other party. Although you are not obligated by law to submit your personal details, we cannot process your order without receiving them.
  2. In any case where due to force majeure, Shiruzzi Shoes shall be unable to properly manage the Website, supply the Products or to meet another of its commitments, Shiruzzi Shoes may cancel the engagement with the buyers, in whole or in part.  In this section, "force majeure" includes computer failures, telephone system failures or failures in another communication systems, sabotage and security events.
  3. Shiruzzi Shoes reserves the right to shut down the Website and/or to cancel a sale at its discretion, and it shall not bear any liability should it learn that unlawful activity has been conducted or is being conducted on the Website or any damage has been caused due to a technical fault on the Website.


Law and Jurisdiction


  1. Your order and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Israeli law only. Sole jurisdiction of any matter and dispute is vested with the competent courts in the Tel Aviv District only. 



  1. If you are not satisfied with any part of the Website or with one of the terms of these Terms and Conditions, please write to us and we will thoroughly investigate your query.